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 KeNIC appoints new CEO 


Joel Karubiu

On behalf of the Board of Directors of KeNIC, I am pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Joel Karubiu as the new CEO of KeNIC with effect from July 15th, 2019. The board considered Mr. Karubiu’s past experience in Business Development and Marketing as well as setting up of new business operations and start-ups.   

Mr. Karubiu is a graduate of USIU-Africa in International Business Administration. With the launch of the Kenya Digital Economy Blueprint 2019 and the National Broadband Strategy 2018-2023, the Board now has a new ambitious strategy bent on ensuring that KeNIC takes its rightful position as the enabler of the digital economy. We expect Mr. Karubiu to dramatically improve KeNIC’s performance and organizational health as one of the leading Country Code Top-level domain (ccTLD) registries in Africa.

Mr. Karubiu was the immediate former CEO of Marketing Society of Kenya. He previously served as a Division Head – Business Development with Arch Skills Kenya LTD, a Division of GEMS Education Group (2016 -2017) and for over six years as the Business development Manager at PWC in Tanzania and Kenya. He established the Business Development division of PWC in Tanzania.  

The 2019 KeNIC public stakeholders meeting shall be held on August 22, 2019 where we shall also introduce Mr. Karubiu to the Kenya Internet community and stakeholders.  

The Board is committed to fully support Mr. Karubiu and wishes him success in the transformation of KeNIC into a high performance and healthy organization.  




 Prof. Meoli Kashorda


 KeNIC Board